Dear INVESTORS — We need no money. We need YOU!

To the ones who already have a sense of what we are doing.

We are looking for investors who are willing to invest a few hours of their time to guide us, empower us and enlighten us with their unique skill set and experience.

You could be a startup founder, a serial entrepreneur, a legal consultant, or a geek or hacker, a marketing genius, an industry expert. All I need is your 2 hours each month i.e. 24 hours or roughly a day in a year. I will be sending you a report each month about Something Cool’s activities and progress in context to a project relevant to you, in these 2 hours you will look at a very crisp and to the point report and advice/ critcize / help us improve the way we are doing things.

I will personally ensure that your time is not wasted and your feedback and suggestions will be taken very seriously. This will empower me to steer the future of Something Cool in the right direction and a million others who we will be touching with our culture.

With 2 hours of your time each month, you are helping us build a culture that is going to challenge, sustain and prevail for the future to come. this culture is the culture which probably you found on your journey to where you are today. Well if you have managed to found the path and I am coming there leading a pack of many, how about we make the path a little better, put up a few direction signs, rest rooms, and light up the way. Lets not forget the Danger and Warning signs.

For your gesture, I am happy to offer you 0.5% of equity in SomethingCool which will be transferred to you after an year of our working relationship.

If this excites you even a little bit and you are willing to get in the ring once again, drop me an email at or text/call at +91–9899924588.


A Journey that will change lives — How I plan to enlighten my team members

Something COOL at the moment is bootstrapped and have adopted simplicity as the way to go. We are building products, creating epic shit and hitting n moving things, while still being connected to ourselves.

We will soon be looking for investors to back our ventures and scale up our products or will probably be acquired. In either case, the monies received will be utilized to scale up the said product and rest of the funds will be utilized to make our people stronger as individuals and as teams.

I personally learned most of things I know today during the 12 months I was travelling. I slept on bus stations, railway platforms, parking areas and on good days on beaches and comfortable beds too. But the life on road taught me various essential life lessons and Something Cool is without doubt was born out of all those learnings.

As soon as we get funded, I am going to gather a core and small team of 6–8 people including a designer, a developer, a hacker, a marketeer, a content champ, myself and an intern or two(pref with coding skills) and will set out on a ONE of a kind journey across nation or even abroad where during our travel we together will build a product. In this journey of ours, we will meditate for hours, probably sleep in tents or under the sky, we will ride motorcycles on empty tarmac in exotic nature and will eat boxed food for days, but by the end of this journey each one of us will be enlightened and awakened to ourselves with a solid product in our hands. The whole journey should not take more than 90 days for you to evolve into an enlightened soul.

Once you all are turned into what I envision us to be, a distinguished leader and a good human being, each of you will lead a team on a similar journey of rising and building something special.

So all you hackers, developers, designers, marketeers, content champs and interns — Just give me these 90 days of your lives and I promise you that this will be change the rest of your life. The product you create is not the end product, but YOU are. The new YOU is the product, we will create.

If you are an investor or someone with little faith in our ideas and little extra money in your pockets, sponsor our journey into being enlightened souls and we will offer you a considerable amount of equity in the developed tech product.

P.S. — Start meditating. It gives you all the strength you need.



To my team - Set your Priorities RIGHT — Faith over Money

Families are built on faith, relationships are built on faith, friendships are made of faith. But not companies, relation between an employee and a company is based on just money, Not anymore, not here.

Something Cool is being built on faith trust and honesty. Faith of our team members is the only ingredient we need to become atleast a 100 Million dollar company in valuation by the next year. I have no doubt that we will get there if I have the unshakable faith of our team members and a little dedication and a lot of hardwork and evangelism on the culture we are building. Even those who are not necessarily our team, but are followers who are putting their faith by using our products/apps or by mere liking our posts, sharing our articles and spreading the word are helping us get closer to the goal.

The culture of faith is by default the culture of leadership. If I trust you to take the right decision, I am eventually turning you into a leader, who evaluates a situation and make the call. You may be right, you may be wrong at times, but dont fret. We are here to make mistakes, experiment and succeed on the way, if that happens.

Everyone involved with us has chose to be with us, there is no greed no temptation to lure you in. You are here because you r putting your faith in us and we are putting ours in you.


Getting involved with us - Read this First!!!

If you have managed to reach this page and are still reading, I am assuming you have an insuppressible desire to create break and innovate things and you are willing to be part of the driving force to take our cause further ahead.

Those who get involved with us are not put on agreements or contract papers rather we welcome them in our homes and move ahead with them because we put more trust in the people we work with then the papers their names are written on.

Trust is the fastest way to connect with someone and create something together. Before you decide to jump in, dig from end to end to understand what we do, why we do and how we do things. You will have to understand and absorb our culture before you can call yourself one of us. Once you believe you know what you are dealing with and you still wanna get your hands dirty, come back to us and tell us why?

The moment you hop, you become part of a global team which is one of a kind, if you are coming from a corporate culture, you may find our ways of working a bit odd, but then you are not here for free latte and 21 annual leaves. You are here because this is something that defines you, me and us, because this is something that will change the world a step at a time.

It doesn’t matter at what role you join us, you are a Leader here. Irrespective of the role, you are going to be one of the stake holders either in the form of an intern, volunteer, co-founder, hacker, developer, coder, designer, vendor, investor, or just a fellow interested in the freshness of our culture, or a mere critique. So you might want to know us, through what we scribble on our blogs, share or post on our Facebook page or our various blogs.

By now you should find yourself slightly in tune with what we do and how we do. If you are one of us, that means you will be digging us deep enough before making an informed decision and that is the kind of people we are looking for — a Seeker and not a follower. We want someone who questions and suggests a different answer than one who follows everything blindly.

If someone from SomethingCool has spoke to you regarding a product or an idea, do take it very seriously as we do not waste yours and ours time. We exist to take progressive conversations into problem solving startups. If you have a will to create, get in touch with us now.


A peek into history - How we started

A little flashback always makes things more dramatic. So here we go…

In India, since childhood we are trained to follow the path, no matter if you wanna go that direction or not you have to keep moving. The journey from School to college to placements and a job in a MNC with a nice pay package and you’re done.

When I was 20, I thought I would be a heading a tech giant when I turn 25. I abandoned a decent job an International Telecom company to run behind my dreams. Yes! I am dreamer and do not have a big bank account or any assets that may account for something, but here I am with no regular job chasing my dreams.

When I see kids going to college or lining up in queues for admissions or crying for cutoffs, i wonder if they are really working hard enough for what exactly they really want. In my opinion, College education kills creativity; not only this it trains you to do one thing and only thing is to get a job.

Creativity in India is not socially accepted with ease. If you are creative, you have to fight for it(not referring to the trade struggle) fight with the society to pursue your passion.

I always had the perception that I would be happy and satisfied in my own ventures as starting up give me more orgasms any girl has given me or more thrill any adventure brought. But during my journey and time spent in nurturing my own start up, I found that its not the venture I wanted, its that start-up I always craved for. The feeling of creating something from the scratch and see it grow — now that gives me goosebumps and also bring a sense of pride.

Lately, most ventures I started have failed badly, badly enough to make me fall on the ground by the face. But its a good thing when you hit the rock bottom, the only direction you can go is UP. And I failed in these ventures not because of the incompetence of the idea, but the lack of the right team. Yeahh.. College buddies or best friends doesn’t necessary make the best team in the business world.


BOOTSTRAPPED is the way to go for Something Cool

Bootstrapping is considered as the measure to startup with minimal monitory investment, but I personally feel, its not just the money it saves on the table, it rather helps us grow in more ways than one notices. Bootstrapping for us means SIMPLICITY, a bare lean structure that is simple yet presentable enough to make its existence felt in the world it is destined to survive. Like any other thing that has ever existed or ever will, the same product will evolve from its bootstrapped version to a more refined version in its due time.

Bootstrapping is not only for early age startups. It should be rather adopted as a way of living, as it and only it helps you to look out of the box, find an alternate way, move and shake things and do things better.

Even, when funded we intend to remain bootstrapped by nature and by the way we do and build things. Because simplicity is not something we just practice, it is what our primal nature is.