A Journey that will change lives — How I plan to enlighten my team members

Something COOL at the moment is bootstrapped and have adopted simplicity as the way to go. We are building products, creating epic shit and hitting n moving things, while still being connected to ourselves.

We will soon be looking for investors to back our ventures and scale up our products or will probably be acquired. In either case, the monies received will be utilized to scale up the said product and rest of the funds will be utilized to make our people stronger as individuals and as teams.

I personally learned most of things I know today during the 12 months I was travelling. I slept on bus stations, railway platforms, parking areas and on good days on beaches and comfortable beds too. But the life on road taught me various essential life lessons and Something Cool is without doubt was born out of all those learnings.

As soon as we get funded, I am going to gather a core and small team of 6–8 people including a designer, a developer, a hacker, a marketeer, a content champ, myself and an intern or two(pref with coding skills) and will set out on a ONE of a kind journey across nation or even abroad where during our travel we together will build a product. In this journey of ours, we will meditate for hours, probably sleep in tents or under the sky, we will ride motorcycles on empty tarmac in exotic nature and will eat boxed food for days, but by the end of this journey each one of us will be enlightened and awakened to ourselves with a solid product in our hands. The whole journey should not take more than 90 days for you to evolve into an enlightened soul.

Once you all are turned into what I envision us to be, a distinguished leader and a good human being, each of you will lead a team on a similar journey of rising and building something special.

So all you hackers, developers, designers, marketeers, content champs and interns — Just give me these 90 days of your lives and I promise you that this will be change the rest of your life. The product you create is not the end product, but YOU are. The new YOU is the product, we will create.

If you are an investor or someone with little faith in our ideas and little extra money in your pockets, sponsor our journey into being enlightened souls and we will offer you a considerable amount of equity in the developed tech product.

P.S. — Start meditating. It gives you all the strength you need.


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