A peek into history - How we started

A little flashback always makes things more dramatic. So here we go…

In India, since childhood we are trained to follow the path, no matter if you wanna go that direction or not you have to keep moving. The journey from School to college to placements and a job in a MNC with a nice pay package and you’re done.

When I was 20, I thought I would be a heading a tech giant when I turn 25. I abandoned a decent job an International Telecom company to run behind my dreams. Yes! I am dreamer and do not have a big bank account or any assets that may account for something, but here I am with no regular job chasing my dreams.

When I see kids going to college or lining up in queues for admissions or crying for cutoffs, i wonder if they are really working hard enough for what exactly they really want. In my opinion, College education kills creativity; not only this it trains you to do one thing and only thing is to get a job.

Creativity in India is not socially accepted with ease. If you are creative, you have to fight for it(not referring to the trade struggle) fight with the society to pursue your passion.

I always had the perception that I would be happy and satisfied in my own ventures as starting up give me more orgasms any girl has given me or more thrill any adventure brought. But during my journey and time spent in nurturing my own start up, I found that its not the venture I wanted, its that start-up I always craved for. The feeling of creating something from the scratch and see it grow — now that gives me goosebumps and also bring a sense of pride.

Lately, most ventures I started have failed badly, badly enough to make me fall on the ground by the face. But its a good thing when you hit the rock bottom, the only direction you can go is UP. And I failed in these ventures not because of the incompetence of the idea, but the lack of the right team. Yeahh.. College buddies or best friends doesn’t necessary make the best team in the business world.

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