BOOTSTRAPPED is the way to go for Something Cool

Bootstrapping is considered as the measure to startup with minimal monitory investment, but I personally feel, its not just the money it saves on the table, it rather helps us grow in more ways than one notices. Bootstrapping for us means SIMPLICITY, a bare lean structure that is simple yet presentable enough to make its existence felt in the world it is destined to survive. Like any other thing that has ever existed or ever will, the same product will evolve from its bootstrapped version to a more refined version in its due time.

Bootstrapping is not only for early age startups. It should be rather adopted as a way of living, as it and only it helps you to look out of the box, find an alternate way, move and shake things and do things better.

Even, when funded we intend to remain bootstrapped by nature and by the way we do and build things. Because simplicity is not something we just practice, it is what our primal nature is.

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