Dear INVESTORS — We need no money. We need YOU!

To the ones who already have a sense of what we are doing.

We are looking for investors who are willing to invest a few hours of their time to guide us, empower us and enlighten us with their unique skill set and experience.

You could be a startup founder, a serial entrepreneur, a legal consultant, or a geek or hacker, a marketing genius, an industry expert. All I need is your 2 hours each month i.e. 24 hours or roughly a day in a year. I will be sending you a report each month about Something Cool’s activities and progress in context to a project relevant to you, in these 2 hours you will look at a very crisp and to the point report and advice/ critcize / help us improve the way we are doing things.

I will personally ensure that your time is not wasted and your feedback and suggestions will be taken very seriously. This will empower me to steer the future of Something Cool in the right direction and a million others who we will be touching with our culture.

With 2 hours of your time each month, you are helping us build a culture that is going to challenge, sustain and prevail for the future to come. this culture is the culture which probably you found on your journey to where you are today. Well if you have managed to found the path and I am coming there leading a pack of many, how about we make the path a little better, put up a few direction signs, rest rooms, and light up the way. Lets not forget the Danger and Warning signs.

For your gesture, I am happy to offer you 0.5% of equity in SomethingCool which will be transferred to you after an year of our working relationship.

If this excites you even a little bit and you are willing to get in the ring once again, drop me an email at or text/call at +91–9899924588.

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