Getting involved with us - Read this First!!!

If you have managed to reach this page and are still reading, I am assuming you have an insuppressible desire to create break and innovate things and you are willing to be part of the driving force to take our cause further ahead.

Those who get involved with us are not put on agreements or contract papers rather we welcome them in our homes and move ahead with them because we put more trust in the people we work with then the papers their names are written on.

Trust is the fastest way to connect with someone and create something together. Before you decide to jump in, dig from end to end to understand what we do, why we do and how we do things. You will have to understand and absorb our culture before you can call yourself one of us. Once you believe you know what you are dealing with and you still wanna get your hands dirty, come back to us and tell us why?

The moment you hop, you become part of a global team which is one of a kind, if you are coming from a corporate culture, you may find our ways of working a bit odd, but then you are not here for free latte and 21 annual leaves. You are here because this is something that defines you, me and us, because this is something that will change the world a step at a time.

It doesn’t matter at what role you join us, you are a Leader here. Irrespective of the role, you are going to be one of the stake holders either in the form of an intern, volunteer, co-founder, hacker, developer, coder, designer, vendor, investor, or just a fellow interested in the freshness of our culture, or a mere critique. So you might want to know us, through what we scribble on our blogs, share or post on our Facebook page or our various blogs.

By now you should find yourself slightly in tune with what we do and how we do. If you are one of us, that means you will be digging us deep enough before making an informed decision and that is the kind of people we are looking for — a Seeker and not a follower. We want someone who questions and suggests a different answer than one who follows everything blindly.

If someone from SomethingCool has spoke to you regarding a product or an idea, do take it very seriously as we do not waste yours and ours time. We exist to take progressive conversations into problem solving startups. If you have a will to create, get in touch with us now.

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