Something Cool

Virtual Incubator

We are always on the hunt of problems that can be solved or solutions that can be improved. - Kunal Kumar

Something Cool today acts as a virtual incubator for a dozen startups under its umbrella. We have built an enviable reputation in the startup domain. Despite the highs and the lows in recent times, we have managed to stay afloat since 2011.

Made up of a small core team and a huge pool of volunteers.
Each team member owns a part of the product they are building.
Managed to build 11 startups without spending a single penny.

This may be a little unorthodox to conceive but we believe in this way of working and gladly after much search we have now managed to find good people with the same ideology.

Kunal Kumar

CEO Manager

Our working style is completely unique; we don’t follow dreary and monotonous corporate culture. And it is THE CODE. The Code is the excerpt from the culture we follow, spread and live by. This is our response to the brain washing factories aka colleges which are creating job seekers instead of job creators.

Something Cool

Something Cool is a league of like-minded, passionate and enthusiastic people who believe in revolution & modernization. We are a team of young innovative thinkers who have proficiency in their professions but still they are open to experiment & have the nerve to change the world. We solve common problems by offering simple solutions by using our dexterity and this is our forte.