• Incubation Type    :    Virtual/Remote
  • Duration                 :    6 weeks to 6 months
  • Eligibility                 :    Startups & SME's
  • Remuneration       :    Equity

Apply for Incubation

Virtual Incubation

What is that?

Incubation in general terms refers to providing an environment best suitable for a sustainable and nourished growth. Incubator in the startup ecosystem is referred as to the companies who provide startups the perfect environment to get things done and achieve growth and aggressive expansion. Similarly, a Virtual Incubator provides its incubates the perfect environment, perfect headspace, guidance, mentoring, advice, help and support to excel growth and expansion remotely or virtually.

Incubation Process

Each startup that comes under Something Cool's incubation, goes through an analysis phase as Step 1. This is where we get to know the startup, the idea, the team and pretty much everything about it. Once we are convinced, that this is something we are willing to get our hands dirty with, the next step is followed through. If you are a startup and you are submitting an application for Incubation, please try and submit maximum information about yourself so that we can get to know you confidently.

  • Market Research & Product Validation.
  • Branding & Marketing Assistance.
  • Product Structuring and Development.
  • Information Security Compliance assistance by our partner, EHL.
  • Financial & Legal services.
  • Social media marketing and Content Generation Services.