Your Wardrobe needs a ramp

Showcase all your stylish clothes, you know you want to.

All those fancy clothes you wore and wished you were on a ramp. This is it. This is your ramp. Click a selfie and showoff those babies here. Let other appreciate it while the application manages and help you in making the right choice for your outfits.

Be the DIVA by wearing just the right outfit from your closet, you even forgot it existed but now you cherish every time you slip into it.


Confusion is the first step to Disaster

Let us pick.

DressBetter suggests you the outfit for the day. Instead of standing in front of the closet for hours, just pop in the event you are dressing up for and let DressBetter pick the right outfit for you while you go down a beer or two before you get ready.


It takes care of everything

Spilled wine on that lovely dress, we got it covered.

From offering tips and tricks to take care of special dresses to providing you the nearest and best laundry and dry cleaning services. We got you covered in every situation.


That was just the tip of the iceberg.

DressBetter suggests you the outfit for the day. It syncs with your calendar and analyzes what kind of a day you gonna have a business meeting, a coffee date or a fancy gala dinner and picks out the outfit for you accordingly. With a ton of more features.

Closet Management

It creates a virtual closet and manages all your clothes and accessories.

Must Haves Checklist

Are you missing something? Dont worry. We have agents working night and day to make sure you dont.

TrialRoom Selfies

Not sure if this is good for you not. Just click a trial room selfie and let the world be your critic.

Borrow or Lend

Browse your friends closet and borrow something they own for that one event.


Show off the best of your outfits and let the world be amazed with the sheer beauty.

Laundary and Maintenance

DressBetter will take care of all your laundary and stitching or repair requirements.

Be there to see us Dazzle and We will be there for you.

Subsribe to updates and for beta access to the world's finest closet management app.