HOLAME changes the way you introduce yourself today
We bring you the one social identity you need

HOLAME connects all your social and web profiles
and gives you a unique PIN which you can share whenever connecting to someone.
Consider it as your e-business card, mapping all your online presence.

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One Common Identity
for everything

Be it facebook, linkedin, instagram, or your fancy blog, we connect everything in just one place and give you one ID to remember and pass it on.

BBM PIN style ID

BBM PINs were awesome, We bring back the culture with our HOLAME IDs and make things cool again.

We make you look

The beautiful interface showcases best of your pictures, posts and blogs and bring the spotlight on you.

Feature Rich. Power Packed. Fun Filled.

Its simple, as simple as it can be.
And still packs the power and awesomeness to behold the world in AWWW.

  • Mobile & Web

    Available for mobile and web, it ensures that you are able to connect to people whereever you are.

  • PINS are awesome

    PINs are easy to remember and unique. Unlike your names where people have a 1000 possible matches when searching you online.

  • Social Integration

    It connects all your social profiles and offers the flexibility to connect to your friends everywhere in just one click.

  • Celebrity Speak

    Celebrities and famous personalities can create pages and link all there public broadcast accounts, being easier to be found by your fans.

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