Everything about this sign, SUCKS

Imagine yourself traveling to a new city, and just found out that one of your favourite DJ is playing at a concert and you wanna go, but its SOLD OUT. Sucks, doesnt it? Well, we have been there and have been disappointed. But not any more.
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Plans are made and cancelled at last moments, more often than you think

We all have friends who either back down on a perfectly planned evening and the ticket is going waste or someone who change their minds and want to come along but got no tickets. Hope, you are not the one.

Meet Jiffy, Jiffy is your mutual friend who knows everyone who backed out on his friends and everyone who is always late on these things.

Needless to say, Jiffy connects the two together and everyone goes home smiling.

How it works? Like a charm.

Let me spell that out for you, anyways.

Anna meets Michelle

Anna booked a ticket to a music concert, but cannot go because of a work crisis. Michelle wasnt supposed to be in town, but now that she is, she wants to go and have a party, but the tickets are sold out.


Anna offers her ticket at a price, which Michelle negotiates. Both agrees at a figure and BINGO.

After Party

Once the gig is over, Anna and Michelle leave each other comments about the transaction. Anna bragged about how she saved her drowing bucks, while Michelle is still drunk and posting pictures from the night.

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