Cross Platform music publishing app for artists

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
—Friedrich Nietzsche

the App

MUSIFYME lets you publish your music, both audio and video formats to all social media and publishing channels. It eases out your job to showcase your audio and video art everywhere without you logging in and uploading it to every channel.

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the solution

Muzifyme takes control of your publishing needs and empower you with control over more than 15 different music publishing platforms like youtube, beatport, soundcloud, and so on.

This one is for those who heal our souls.

Some call them Musicians

No Strings Attached

We intend to be a free media publishing tool, just to help these “Soul Healers” so that they can be free of this tedious task and just focus on making more awesome music.

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We are accessible to an exclusive audience right now till we launch officially. Request your access by dropping an emaiil to

We got you covered

We are social people and we love it, which is why we also let your fans know of your latest music release iy on all your social media channels.

About us

Muzify Me is a product developed by the Something Cool team. At SomethingCool, we are putting Enterpreneurship and Innovation in top gear while everything else takes a back seat. The products at the Cool Lab are born out of sheer creativity and the desire to create something substantial for the world.

Thank you

for creating the food for our soul and making our lives cheerful.

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