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Send your stuff with fellow travelers going to the same destination.

1 - Fill in

List your package details and when do you want it to be delivered. Wait till a traveler who matches your source and destination expresses interest in taking it along.

2 - Say Hello

Chat with the interested traveler directly by informing about the contents of the package and other details. As a benefit to the traveler, we suggest the sender to offer Pick and drop to the city from the Airport or train station.

3 - Post Review

Traveler and sender both post reviews about each other about the experience they had while dealing with each other.

Send It is for Everyone.

Traveling on leisure or going out for business, Take a piece of luggage for someone and let your luggage compartment pay for your airport transfers.

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Kunal K.

Kunal is tech researcher, specializing in digital forensics, cyber crime, virtualization and web development. He is also a published author and a serial entrepreneur.


This could be you, we are looking for a passionate developer, who is witty and experienced and a little crazy to join us and take this application to the next level.

Neha G.

Neha is an expert marketer and a growth hacker. Offline and digital marketing is her forte. She is passionate about marketing and is very creative.

Story Behind Send It

A Something Cool product